Instagram Lends a Helping Hand


Transmedia isn’t a new phenomenon. It could quite possibly be one of the oldest techniques of sharing information. Seen within ancient cultures with stories passed down from elders and interpreted as wall paintings. The exchanging of information across media platforms has forever been present. 

The purpose of Transmedia storytelling is to share a narrative, a theme through the use of multiple media platforms. Henry Jenkins proposes this is an integral process to create  “a unified and coordinated entertainment experience” (Jenkins, 2007). A large variety of media platforms are utilized to expand and promote the product to a wider audience. This included books, movies, video games, tv shows, etc. The purpose of transmedia is to encourage each medium to make their own individual contribution to the unfloding of the story to enhance interest and participation from the public. This cumulative process adds richness to the story as the audience are encouraged and allowed to become actively involved. The use of social media sites invites opinion and democracy to inform large corporations on ‘what they want’. 

In relation to Instagram as a transmedia platform.. Rather than its contribution to the original narrative and unfolding of the story, Instagram acts as an effective gateway used to promote the variety of distribution channels that would inevitably add its contribution to the transmedia narrative. Many businesses and brands have jumped on board using Instagram in this exact way. Promoting and encouraging their product through the use of hashtags, sharing images and online competitions create a great platform for the world of transmedia to grow. 

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